Promoting Health in the Workplace through Policy

What is the value of policy in the workplace?

• Supportive workplace health policies affect large groups of workers
• Make adopting healthy behaviors easier for employees
• Creates and fosters a culture of health
• Sustainability
• Community mobilization starts at the organizational level


Healthy Bites Healthy Worksites – A resource guide for implementing healthy eating in the workplace

Work Well Live Well – A resource guide for encouraging physical activity in the workplace

Prevention & Management of Diabetes in the Workplace

Workplace Bike Month Toolkit

NEW! Sample Healthy Food Donation Policy

Food drives are a great way to provide food for those who might not be otherwise able to afford it and support the entire community in the process! While the Kansas Food Bank and food pantries welcome any and all food donations, we can do our part where we live, earn, learn, play and pray to make giving even better by donating healthy foods.

Health ICT, in collaboration with the Kansas Food Bank and local food pantries, has developed a sample Food Donation Policy that provides guidance on how to operate a food drive that encourages healthier giving that anyone can use wherever they may give!

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